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The faculty and staff at Slidell High School believe that the school’s responsibility is to help each student develop into a responsible and productive citizen in the school, community, state and nation. We believe that the educational development of the individual student is the basic responsibility of the school but must be shared with the home and community in order to insure the student’s development intellectually, physically, emotionally, morally, socially and aesthetically.

We believe we should provide a strong academic background with a variety of courses, activities and experiences. 
Recognizing that students have their own individual modes and rates of learning, we feel that all students should make provision in the curriculum of the school for the attainment of successful experiences.

In addition to the tangible curriculum, the intangible qualities of self-motivation, tolerance, perseverance, and inquisitiveness should be emphasized. We further realize that the school environment needs to be safe for exploration and self-expression so that learning becomes a life-long process. We believe that constant re-evaluation of our program is necessary to provide for the growth of the student in a changing society that is increasingly technological and global. Finally, we believe that to implement our philosophy, a competent and caring administration and faculty are necessary.

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