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Our School

Message from the Principal

It is GREAT day to be a TIGER!We have a great school year ahead of us.  This year is our chance to build upon our "Tradition of Excellence".  Slidell High has always been "THE" High School for over 114 years.  We will have a positive IMPACT on our students' lives, school and community. Our family of educators are dedicated to providing excellence in how students learn and strive toward excellence and adulthood. We ask that our students strive for excellence in their learning processes and overall student life at Slidell High.
Our motto is "Truth Shines A Guiding Light" and that has been  our school since 1908.
As we always say, "Once a TIGER always a TIGER!" 

-Larry Favre, Principal


School Advancement Plan

Please click here to view our school advancement plan.

Our Mission

The mission of Slidell High School is to empower a diverse student population to compete in an ever-changing global community.


Slidell High School students, fostered by a sense of community and continuing a tradition of excellence, are guided by a family of educators actively engaging in dynamic learning experiences that promote self-reliance, encourage educational opportunities and champion the students’ broader needs.


The mission is aligned with school philosophy which stresses:
* Preparation for productive citizenship;
* A variety of courses with a strong academic emphasis;
* A myriad of activities and experiences;
* Attainment of successful experiences for all students;
* Partnership between school, home and community;
* Concern for intangible qualities such as self-motivation and tolerance;
* A safe environment that promotes exploration and self-expression;
* Promotion of life-long learning;
* Re-evaluation of programs to adapt to a changing world;
* A competent and caring faculty and administration; 

School Traditions

The Slidell High School mascot is the tiger. The colors are Kelly Green and White, and the School Motto is “Truth shines a guiding light!”

Alma Mater

We hail thee, Slidell high
By thee we’ll always stand.
Thy truth shines a guiding light
Throughout this fairest land.
Our Alma Mater, to us you’ll always be.
We’ll praise thy name so dear,
Throughout eternity.

Fight Song

Fight Tigers Fight,
Down the field and show your might.
Roar Tigers Roar,
Grab that ball; let’s see you score, Oh I Oh! Oh!
Go Tigers GO! Hit the line and mow them down.
For you can’t hold those Tigers, Mighty Tigers
Go Tigers Go! Fight Tigers Fight!