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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

Humble Brags!

Humble Brags! is SHS's newest forum for good news.
Please send your humble brags to

Faculty & Staff: The Publicity Committee wants to know if a student has made your day, if a student has accomplished something or done something great, if a team member was encouraging, or if you have a personal success. It is not about just surviving the week, it is also about supporting each other and enjoying what we do.
Students: There is a box by the door to room 420 with index cards. Please use these cards to brag on a kind deed, a personal accomplishment, a teacher, or a friend by leaving a note on an index card and leaving it in the box. We want the students to participate by sharing their accomplishments and views.
Thank you for participating and bring on those Humble Brags!!

Here are the Humble Brags that we have received:

12 May 2017

I would like to thank Mrs. Stephens and Mrs. Leon for tolerating my classes and myself for two weeks in the library.  – Jennifer Navarro

The Slidell High Secretaries would like to thank Mr. Noveh and crew for the sweet treats on Wednesday. It made our day! – Eunice Kirk

Thanks to Ms. Lillis for helping, in a bind, with EOC testing! - Joy Bazin

So very grateful for Slidell High School’s PTSA! I smiled every day last week, because they had done something wonderful to make my day.
Also thank you to: Mr. Strohl, Mrs. Sison, and Coach Stewart for helping out with the Class of 2018’s approaching car parade. – Laura Mylie

My 2nd hour BCA kids all passed the Excel certification test on the FIRST try!! It is such a hard test and I'm so proud of them! – Lynda Palao

A great big “Thank You” to Mr. Krantz and Mrs. Boeck for taking so much of the stress of EOC testing using technology!  They were the best partners anyone could hope to have!  Your help was most appreciated!  - Sandy Marshall

Mr. Lindsay brought us the cinnamon rolls on test day! J Thank him from both of us! Very thoughtful!! - K. Rhodus

Thank you to Mr. Lindsay for thinking about us during testing. Thank you to Mrs. Henderson for giving me a break. Thank you to Mr. Drummond for coming to my class several days after EOC to give me a break. I appreciate you all giving of your time to help your fellow teachers!! Also, thank you to Mr. Brisco, Mrs. Milligan, Mrs. Jordan-Larsen, and Guy the computer guy, for checking in and helping to correct any issues!! I am truly thankful to be part of this faculty! – Melody Boeck

Ms. Henderson was awesome about taking my students for testing and even offered to watch my students during part of her planning period because she knew that I didn’t get a planning period on my testing day!  How thoughtful!! J
Mrs. Boos offered to do ANOTHER day of testing to take my place so that I could be with my students on the last day before they took my EOC test!  We all know the sacrifice it takes to OFFER to test more! Haha! Thanks Britt! J
I love this school and the people who work here! We are blessed! -  Angela Luque

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make our graduation ceremony a special night for our seniors, especially Donna Manetta, Julie Rotolo, Fred Wild and our administrators.  I am very proud to be a Slidell Tiger! – Melanie St. Cyr

Congratulations to Camrun Coleman for placing third in the National “American Design and Drafting annual Poster Contest. This is the third year in a row that a Slidell High Student has placed. – Debra Turlich (Click to view Camrun's poster.)

Thanks to Mr. Matz for helping me teach a student how to solder resistors to a circuit board. – Lance Grant

On one of those grueling EOC testing days, Melody Boeck brought me an M & M treat which really came at the right time.  Thanks, Melody!! – Judy Williams

Huge thank you to Mrs. Palao for being so awesome during testing/proctoring! It was my first time proctoring, and she made it run smooth like butter. I’m so thankful to have been paired up with her. You rock, Mrs. Palao! – Jaimee Rome

Mr. Acker's students completed the "Hall of Fame" sign.  Please check it out across from Student Services.  Thank you to Mr. Acker and his students!
Mrs. Palao's students made fantastic vinyl stickers that will serve as gifts to the members of the Slidell High School Alumni Association.  Thank you to those young entrepreneurs!
Mr. Kranz and Mrs. Carbo assisted one of our feeder elementary schools with their talented theatre production last Friday.  They selflessly gave of their free time, took time off of work, and helped Aladdin Jr. come to life on stage!  I witnessed Mrs. Carbo backstage orchestrate the most organized chaos!  The production included numerous children who required direction and costume changes.  Additionally, several of our students volunteered to assist:  Penny Sanchez, Annalyn Davillier, Dee Carter, and Kayley Pichon.  If I missed anyone, I apologize. – Jessica Jackson

Thank you to Mrs. Theresa Braud for being so kind, helpful, generous, and supportive to the SHS Science department and students over the years.  She defines “generosity of spirit” in every way possible and we love her. Thanks – Aimee Andersen

14 April 2017

For the past 4 Saturdays, the campus has been buzzing with energy as our students prepare for their EOC tests.  Each week we've had between 65-100 students and tutors working very hard to master their skills.  Additionally, we've had a core group of teachers who have not only given up a good portion of their weekend to work with our students, but have done so with a smile on their face.  I want to thank everyone who helped make our EOC Preparation Workshops a successful, meaningful, and enjoyable time: Mrs. Luque, Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Sison, Mrs. Blondeau, Mr. Kranz, Ms. Hooks, Ms. Henderson, Mr. Malcotte, Mrs. Deberry, Mrs. Muller, Mrs. Wahl, Coach Stewart, Ms. Andersen, Mr. St. Cyr, Mr. Brisco, Mr. Percy, Mrs. Larsen, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Stephens, the EOC Committee, and the entire office staff for having patience with all of the copies we had to make. 

Our students are going to do a fabulous job on their assessments! - Jessica Olivard Jackson

HUGE thank you to everyone that helped out with prom! Special thanks to Coach Stewart for keeping everything on track, Mrs. Lynne for keeping money matters organized, Mrs. Thomas for helping with order pickups and decorating, Mr. Acker for building the Eiffel Tower, Mrs. Lott and her art students for painting the Eiffel Tower, Mrs. Jackson and her WONDERFUL junior girls for decorating and working, DJ Brisco, and as always thanks to our administrators for their help J
-Class of 2017 and sponsors – Brittany Boos

I would like to thank my friends, Mallory and Brittany, for the COUNTLESS things that they do for me.  When I was out sick, they brought me soup, made sure my substitute had everything that she needed, and checked on my kids for me.  Sometimes they surprise me with yummy treats during the day!  They are always there to talk things out with me when I’m having a difficult day.  I know that I can always count on them for anything!! I love that Slidell High is a family and we know that we have people here that will always help us when we need it! J - Angela Luque

I need to give a shout out to Camrun Coleman for placing 3rd in the American Design and Drafting annual poster contest!! Slidell high students have placed three years in a row!!! – Debra Turlich

Mollie Bush & Claire Holmes have been visiting the nursing home and spending time with the residents. They have made friends with several of them and are loving on members of our community. What amazing SHS Tigers!! – Lynda Palao

Thanks to all of the people who helped me after my surgery. You ladies know who you are. It's nice to know that while at work, I have many friends who care about me outside of school. Forging friendships is what life is all about! – Joy Bazin

31 March 2017
I want to shout out to Mrs. Larsen for going above and beyond her job description to work with me on the SLT data!  Your patience and understanding knows no bounds! - S. Marshall
A student was in the courtyard between first and second hall, and the papers in his hand were taken away by the wind.  Lani Desoto saw and asked if we should help him, and Aimee Dillon and Bryant Hawkins ran around the courtyard chasing this boy’s work for him.  It was nice to see the students helping each other out!!!!! - Erin Brockhaus

SHS cheer tryouts went very smoothly last week because of Emily Alonzo, Lacie Guillory, Claire Holmes, and Makayla Salter!  They facilitated our clinics and kept everyone calm and sane for our tryout day.  I can’t thank them enough!

Lacie Guillory, Claire Holmes, are Makayla Salter amazing!!!  Many thanks to them for working with the Slidell Junior High Cheerleaders for their cheer tryouts this week.  – Whitney Abadie

Terrific Testing Tigers- Thank you all for your hard work during Pre-ACT/ACT testing.
You all are the BEST!! J - Jennifer Milligan

To the angel (which I am almost 99.99% sure was Jessica Jackson), who bought a Fish Fry ticket for me!

To Ben Strohl, who took many of the students assigned to my room during ACT, so they had a place to sit.

To Mr. Percy, Erica Lillis, Katina Deberry, Mark Ferrer, and Jessica Jackson, for giving a student (who is dealing with a guardian in stage 4 liver and kidney cancer) a little extra attention, patience, love, and support in this difficult time.

To 9th grader, Elizabeth Mandell and her mother, who made my week (possibly month), after going OUT OF THEIR WAY to show support and appreciation. - Laura Mylie

Shout out to Ahrieal Albert. Today when donuts ran out at the Beta Club  meeting she brought our students cupcakes. This was a very thoughtful gesture. Also thank you to Ms. DeBerry for inviting our students. - Angie Dolese

Huge Shout Out to Mrs. Brockhaus for her work on the calendars each month. The time she puts in to make sure we are informed is truly awesome.  They look awesome, too. Thanks, Erin! – Julie Rotolo

16 March 2017
Mrs. CJ Roberts and her students worked their magic on the auditorium today.  She is very skilled in event planning, and her talents are truly a gift to our school.  Thank you!

Also, Thank you to our Custodial Staff who worked to make the grounds outside of the auditorium neat and clean for the Movie Gala today. 

A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Turlich, Mrs. Brockhaus, Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Strohl, Ms. Hooks, and Mrs. Sison for being willing to give of their Friday evening to assist with the Movie Gala.  – Jessica Jackson

Shout out to Mrs. Blondeau for putting together a Breakout EDU lesson and opening her classroom doors to let us see the kids have fun with it!

Special thanks to Mr. Acker for always being so willing to help out with special projects. He personally cut out the big Eiffel Tower for prom!

Thank you to Mrs. Siebenkittel for always being so helpful and PATIENT with me and monetary matters. J

Shout out to the SHS Fighting Tiger Marching band, color guard, cheerleaders, Swingerettes, Mr. Wild, Ms. Tianni, Mrs. Brindell, Mrs. Muller, and parent volunteers for marching in parades ALL weekend and representing our school! GO TIGERS! – Brittany Boos

A couple mornings ago, I was unloading a bunch of boxes out of my car. I was planning to make several trips, but Andrew Lassere, Solomon Hartley, and Timothy Anger all stopped to help. It was a huge help, and it was so nice to see freshman boys being so thoughtful! – Karen Evans

I have a huge thank you for Emily Alonzo and Derrick Dupuy for putting together the cheer tryout packets!!!  Those packets can’t organize themselves!!! – Whitney Abadie

I would like to thank EVERYONE who pitched in to pick up the slack while I was out recovering. 
You all are the best!! J
Much Love, - Jen Milligan

I want to thank Sylvia Hooks for her kindness.  It is not unusual to come in on a Monday morning and find a fresh, warm sausage and bisque sandwich.  It has made many mornings seem just a little bit brighter!  Thanks! - Sandy M.

I’d like to give a shout out to the Talented Music group who performed 3/12/17 for family and friends at Christ Episcopal Church. Students performed a collection of music pieces that would/could have been heard aboard the Titanic. The narrative that accompanied the music brought the audience to a new understanding and appreciation for each piece that was performed. It truly was an enjoyable heart felt evening.

I would like to thank Mrs. Palao for assisting me with chaperoning the Beta Club Convention trip.  It takes quite a bit of preparation, both personally and professionally, to be away for 2 days, and I appreciate her for being a great friend and helping me out! – Katina Deberry

Thank you Mr. Giraud the Talented Music students (and many others behind the scenes) for putting on a wonderful performance. - Kasey Wahl

Shout out to Chef Aucoin and his hospitality students who served the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council Meeting at SHS very delicious lunch on Monday March 13th !  Everyone enjoyed their meal and the dessert.  Even the superintendent wanted to take a nap after that meal.  All of the different schools complimented the food and the service.  Way to go! - Quay Brisco

I would like to thank Scott Sauber and Melanie St. Cyr for hosting karaoke at the Sophomore lock in on Friday night. They were awesome and the kids loved it! I would also like to recognize the students who volunteered their time at the lock in. They were very helpful and we couldn’t have done it without them. – Sheri Sison

Christian Sanders saw me walking to 5th hall carrying a box of copies. He immediately stopped and asked to carry them to my room.  This random act of kindness ( I don’t teach him) made my day.  And he refused Tiger bucks.  Helpful and not expecting nor wanting anything in return. Great kid J  - C.J. Roberts

I want to thank Mr. Brisco for going above and beyond his duties to help teachers out! When we had trouble printing our EAGLE test scores in the format we were used to, he spent his free time at home figuring out how to make it easier for us and had it ready for us the very next day! Also, today, I rushed into the teachers’ lounge to make one copy of a key for my review and all the machines were being used. Without hesitation, Quay, took my key from me and told me that he would make a copy in the office and deliver it to my room.  How nice and helpful! J - Angela Luque

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10 February 2017
Mrs. CJ Roberts and her students worked their magic on the auditorium today.  She is very skilled in event planning, and her talents are truly a gift to our school.  Thank you!
Also, Thank you to our Custodial Staff who worked to make the grounds outside of the auditorium neat and clean for the Movie Gala today.
A special thanks goes out to Mrs. Turlich, Mrs. Brockhaus, Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Strohl, Ms. Hooks, and Mrs. Sison for being willing to give of their Friday evening to assist with the Movie Gala.
I have to brag on the business department for continuing to support/guide me on my journey of being a new teacher!! Also, the 4th hall lunch bunch absolutely cracks me up, laughter is certainly good for the soul! – Melody Boeck
Thank you to Mrs. Braud, Mrs. Leon, Mrs. Wiebelt, and Mrs. Siebenkittel for preparing breakfast EVERY Friday morning for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. - Donna Manetta
I cannot thank my Slidell High family enough for all the well wishes, meals & help while I am recuperating from surgery. I am so very blessed to work with such an amazing group of people. Thank You!! :)
-Jen Milligan

Patrick Thomas on several occasions has stopped and helped me move tables in the library to prepare for yoga class.  It started as he is walking thru the library after school, he stopped and started helping me move the table and chairs.  This past week, he called to his friend who kept walking, to stop and come help.   He sees something happening and jumps in to help.  Most students just keep walking.  Tell him how appreciated his help is. – C.J. Roberts
I would like to brag about Ms. Mylie.
During class- 6th hour,  she realized that the  video she planned to show for the lesson did not have closed caption so instead of asking me ( the interpreter) to sign it ( signing a video causes split attention which is extremely difficult for a deaf student to navigate meaning from), she searched on the internet, found the movie with closed caption and paid for it; all  in a matter of minutes. She didn’t have to go the extra mile but she did to give her student the best access possible! – Alice Brown
I would like to thank my Slidell HS family for being so kind and supportive while my mom was so ill.  I really don’t know what I would do without Claire Thomas and my old 500 peeps. - Jennifer Navarro
Thank you to all the teachers who set up a booth and attended both Incoming Freshman Scheduling Nights!  Love our Slidell High School Family. – Trece Jordan-Larsen
The kids are always talking about how they enjoy Mrs. Ruda’s class, and they tell me she is so understanding! -  anonymous
I would like to give a shout out to all of the sponsors and coaches. They work so hard to make the extracurricular stuff happen! – Sheri Sison
Shout out to Mrs. Rotolo and the saga staff for working so hard to make the dance look so great.  I think the kids had a great time!  Thank you for always going the extra mile! – Melanie St. Cyr
Thank you to Mrs. Craft for her daily informative emails commemorating Black History Month. – Donna Manetta
I witnessed the WorkKeys workshop in the library.  The teachers instructing the students had a lot to handle, and they truly went above and beyond in delivering their instruction.  Kudos to those teachers!  I know we will see positive results! - Jessica Jackson
A special thank you to Kay Rhodus for “stepping up” to serve as interim English Department chair and for taking an active role on the Leadership Committee, too! – Donna Manetta
Each day before the bell Mrs. Ruda sacrifices her morning planning time to assisting her Algebra I students.  It is because of teachers like her that I managed to pass my high school math courses.  I remember coming to Mrs. Bass’s room every morning for that same kind of help.  It wasn’t until I became a teacher that I realized how valuable that time is and what an act of selflessness it was for those teachers.  J - Jessica Jackson

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27 January 2017
Mrs. Palao and the Digital Media students made beautiful posters for the Tiger Stripes program.  These took a great deal of time and effort J
Also, I now have many former students of Mrs. Mylie in my English I class.  Her love for them and her attention to their writing instruction is apparent in their work - Jessica Jackson
I want to thank Kay Rhodus who is already a very busy woman for taking on extra tasks.  She is truly amazing and apparently has more than 24 hours in her day! - Joy Bazin
Since October of 2016, when my son passed away, the staff and faculty have supported my family and myself whole heartily which made a huge difference in our recovery. Even though I was in a deep grieving stage, I felt loved and cared for here at Slidell High School even by students. My family and I are very appreciative and grateful for the meals, gift cards, kind words, caring hugs, and so on. There are really no words to describe the sincere thank you's and feeling from these blessed gifts. I have learned and felt that in a time of tragedy, everyone here at SHS come together to help one another.
Also, I also received a knitted scarf in November that was a true blessing. To whom ever made this blessed gift, thank you from the bottom of my heart. :) – Cher Hunt
Special thanks to Mrs. Rhodus who has volunteered to head the Universal Routine Committee. – Jordan Trece-Larsen

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13 January 2017
In my 4th hour class, Robert Thibodeaux bends over backward every day to help one of my weaker students.  He takes a lot of his work time to help others. – Judith Williams
I have a brag about Mrs. Manetta-
I overheard a student talking about Mrs. Manetta.  He said, “She reads every word we write, and she really cares about us.”  It was so nice to hear something so great about someone so great. – Melanie St. Cyr
I would like to send a major thank you to Mrs. Marshall and Flo.  They always go out their way to make everyone in the hall feel special and important.  Mrs. Marshall offers help to all of us and is always giving us something to smile about.  I think she is a remarkable woman and a great teacher.  Flo is always doing extra jobs for us in 200 hall and never complains.  She is johnny on the spot when it comes to spills or messes.  She is hard working and comes immediately when we need her.  Thanks Mrs. Marshall and Flo.  We love you! – Sylvia Hooks
Malik B. found a student's ID in the parking lot and turned it in to student services.  He then let the student know where it could be found.  Small things can be a big deal! – Aimee Andersen

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20 December 2016

I would like to thank Lori Barthel for helping me with my students this semester.  She was always willing to work with me on scheduling issues, and she would not only talk to students who were having problems, but she would even follow up with me on how to best accommodate them!  Thank you!– Erin Brockhaus
A huge thank you to my next door neighbor, Theresa Braud, for her constant support and inspiration.  She has a generous heart and a nurturing soul.  It is a blessing to witness the kindness and care that she shows to her students every day.  She is such a special friend to me, I do not know what I would do without her! - Jennifer Simon
A huge thank you goes out to the office and especially to Guy the computer tech!! Half of my computers in my lab crashed before exams on Monday, Guy quickly got the computers up and running!! Thank you to the office for speedily addressing the issue and to Guy for always fixing our technology. – Melody Boeck       
I had to be absent last week because my twins were sick, and I am SO appreciative of everyone who went out of their way to help me and my students! Thanks to Valerie Scogin for making copies of the geometry mastery test for me and bringing them to my substitute. Thanks to Mrs. Kirk for arranging my sub for the week (on her day off), for getting scantrons to my students, and for staying in touch with me. Last but certainly not least, thanks to Mrs. Haynie who was my substitute for the whole week!!! (Sorry if I left anyone out). What a great faculty we have! –Nicole Blondeau
I wanted to thank CJ Roberts for doing such an excellent job decorating 5th hall. It was definitely a winter wonderland. – Elise Hernandez
An enormous thank you to Kay Rhodus and Quay Brisco for helping to fix a copy machine that I jammed.  Their determination is admirable! This damsel in distress is appreciative. -  Joy Bazin
And thank you for helping me with the new, and improved (wink!),  Eagle Quay Brisco! - Joy Bazin
Thank you, thank you, thank you Claire Thomas! You are an SLT lifesaver! - Joy Bazin
Mr. Grant is so nice and caring. – Miscellanious from the Student Humble Brag Box

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9 December 2016
I would like to take a moment to brag on the awesome SPED department. I wouldn’t make it without their generous support. -Sheri Sison
Want to give a major SHOUT OUT to the ENTIRE FACUTLY/STAFF Almost Anything Goes Team! They did a great job on the field.
Thank you to Coach Harris, Coach McIntyre, Mr. Green, Mr. Peterson, and Mr. King for judging Almost Anything Goes! Thanks Coach Favre for MCing the event!
Thank you to Ms. Bostick for all her work with the Film Club Mark Event!
Also, I wanted to thank the scarf giver as well. The words in the card and the beautiful scarf came at a perfect time. I love the random acts of kindness and feel completely touched. Thanks to the wonderful individual who is shining such light on our school.  - Julie Rotolo
Several National Honor Society members came to the EOC Workshop on Saturday.  The students attending the workshop commented on how helpful their peers were.  Thank you to those tutors and to the teachers who spent their Saturday morning teaching: Mr. Kranz, Mr. Brisco, Ms. Andersen, Mrs. Miller, and Mrs. Sison. – Jessica Jackson
As a new teacher I have many questions. I am grateful for the help from Lori Barthel and the counselors, the front office, the faculty and staff,  and the SpED Department. I have many questions and any time that I have asked something, I have been given amazing guidance! I couldn’t ask to be at a better more helpful school for my first year of teaching! I am very grateful!! – Melody Boeck
I would like to thank the person who left  a really nice reusable coffee cup with hot chocolate mix in it in my mailbox on Friday.  That was a great surprise! - Aimee Andersen

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11 November 2016
Mr. Kranz went above and beyond the call of duty to help out a former student of his! (He does not even teach this student anymore! He bought the student an agenda, so he could keep track of his assignments and be more organized. He also stapled a hall pass to the inside cover, so the student would always be able to go to him for help. How sweet of him! He surely made this student feel special! – Mrs. Blondeau
Special Thank You to everyone who has pitched in and helped while Mrs. Marton has been out.  We are truly lucky to have such a wonderful Slidell High School Faculty who loves and supports each other. – Trece Jordan-Larsen
I must brag on all of my students this week as I have made my return from maternity leave. On Monday, almost every student took the time to tell me how glad they were to see me, and they have just been incredibly sweet to me since I have been back. They sure have made the transition back to work easier. Love these kids! – Erin Hughes
Chef Aucoin is Superman.  - Jessica Olivard Jackson
I want to brag about the SPED department.  I am new to this and have no idea what I am doing.  I had my first IEP on Wednesday.  Mrs. Black, Mrs. Hunt, Mrs. Sison and Mr. V have help me out tremendously.  Mrs. Sison isn't going to brag about herself so I will.  She completed all of Mrs. Hunt's progress reports while she was out which I'm sure was a great help.  – Lynn Ruda
We have 2 SHS choir students who were selected for the American Choral Director’s Association All-State Choir.  Please congratulate freshman Billi Barber and junior Kaley Pichon.  This is a very competitive audition, and these girls nailed it! – Melanie St. Cyr
I have a humble brag going to senior Makayla Salter. She is an intern in my class 5th and 6th hours. She is awesome! Such an natural teacher with great rapport with my class. We love her. - Mrs. Eileen Stucke.
Hey Cherrie Harris left an unsolicited bag of candy in one of the drum major's lockers this week just to let hem know that they were appreciated.  It was very sweet especially since the drum majors are under a lot of stress right now. – Frederick Wild
Elmo Jones went out of his way to unlock and open my classroom door for me when my hands were full. – Valerie Scogin
I’m bragging about the cheerleaders and their academic performance for the first nine weeks.  Most of them had all As and Bs, and five them had straight As (Emily Alonzo, Taylor DeCorte, Lani DeSoto, Madelyn Frederick, and Lucy Sison).  This is remarkable because they spend countless hours practicing and cheering on their Tigers after school and before starting on homework, and several of them also work and are involved in other extracurricular activities.  I’m proud to sponsor such a great group of students! – Whitney Abadie
Humble brag on Skyler Manley for paying one of his classmate’s senior dues. His friend is having financial issues and not able to pay. Skyler did not want to see his buddy miss out on senior year activities and paid the dues out of his own money. – Brittany Boos
The Spirit Week sponsored by Chick-Fil-A was a huge success!  The timing was not ideal for our cheerleaders, and they still managed to gather their resources to decorate the store and promote SHS. 
Thank you to all of you for supporting the event!
Thank you to Chef Aucoin and the ProStart Academy for being willing to grill and serve the alumni.
Thank you to Mrs. Stephens and Mrs. Larsen for their assistance with printing and distributing flyers!
Thank you to Mr. Kranz for helping me during a rough morning. – Jessica Jackson
Our substitute teacher: Mrs. Maddox is not going to be our substitute anymore come Friday, and I just wanted her to know that she has changed our lives in this short amount of time more than she will ever know! Thank you! - (from the Humble Brag box) Anonymous Student
Custodian, David Lee found a student’s cell phone yesterday.  He is always helpful to students and faculty! – Greg Varnado
I would like to applaud these students: Ciara White, Amanda Stafford, Xavier Simpson, Joe Edwards, Rachel Forbes, and Jyriel Donaldson. A student came back from giving blood and was about to pass out. They took great care of her until the nurse arrived. – Sheri Sison
Mr. Noveh’s class made cookies and a card for Ms. Timi .  They thanked her for protecting us during her time in the service.  She gave them all hugs. – Darrell Noveh
Kasey Wahl is amazing!!! I have a few thank yous for her. Every time I have needed extra help, she is there; no questions are asked. Her kind dedication to our students is so very much appreciated! Thanks for all you do and have done, Kasey. – Laura Mylie
Mrs. Wiebelt did an amazing job getting Slidell High ready for the Perkins audit.  She worked so hard getting everything in place. The best ever School to Work Coordinator Award! – Debra Turlich
I want to sincerely thank Slidell High Faculty & Staff for the kind words and prayers sent in the midst of my infant's hospitalization. I was so floored by all of the help and support I received from so many teachers, administration, custodians, and the front office. Special shout out to Mrs. Simon, Mrs. Gant, and Mrs. Kirk for keeping me updated on my classes, assigning substitutes in my time of crisis, and being a shoulder to cry on. I am humbled by the outreach from my new "family", and I cannot wait to see where this journey takes me! I cannot thank you all enough for your hospitality. - Brittany Schenck
When we found out that the Perkins Audit people would be 1 &1/2 hour early for their visit, Mrs. Siebenkittel scrambled to make sure that the snacks prepared by Chef Aucoin’s students were in place and everyone would be comfortable.  
Mrs. Stephens made sure that the Quiet Zone of the library was set up with the necessary tables and technology.
And a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Wiebelt for the many, many hours she devoted to making sure that all the elements the assessment team would be looking for were properly done – this has toke weeks of preparation.
Thank you to each of the teachers who may have had a disruption in their classes to prove Slidell High meets and exceeds expectations.
What a team of professionals with whom we are privileged to work!!! -  Kathryn Marton
I would like to recognize several people.
First, I would like to recognize my fellow counselors for doing an awesome job during the recent state audit. I’m so proud to work in this department with this group of fabulous women. -          Shannon Francis
Second, I would like to recognize several of the seniors who have been accepted into their chosen University or College:
LSU- Timothy Steudlein

LSU- Royale Bougere
LSU- Brianna Robertson
LSU- Ashby Glover
LSU- Anna Cambre
LSU- Timothy Neighbor
LSU- Mark Porter
LSU- Justin Wiley
LSU- Christopher Cooper
LSU- Jennifer Cabrera Perez
LSU- Mikolas Slama
LSU- Darby Rice
LSU- Kayla Gallagher
LSU- Madison Prattini
LSU- Connor Tillman
LSU- Kristie Mixon
LSU- Michaela Tracey
LSU- Christian Burgoyne
Southeastern- Brooklyn Curran
Langston University- Deandra Lemalle
University of South Alabama- Sarah Sundermeyer

Several students in my classroom have been such motivators and encouragers, Miguel Reyes, Zachary Patrick, Jessica Delee; also a student that is no longer in my class always stops in with a kind word Starlit Kennedy (I believe that’s the last name). Thank you to those students for helping make my days a little brighter! – Melody Boeck

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7 October 2016
Lawnajah Harvey is such a leader in the class!!! He always explains problems to students who do not understand the topic or question. By being enthusiastic about his education, he sets a wonderful example for his peers. He has a great attitude every day and always strives for excellence! AND he’s a star football player! – Jeralyn Spiehler
Tyrone Banks , a varsity basketball player, found a wallet by the busses after school . The wallet had a credit card and $50 in cash. He promptly turned it in to Coach Grubb ,who explained to Tyrone that he could have taken the money and  just tossed the wallet in the garbage. Tyrone responded, “ No I could not .” Ten minutes later the rightful owner approached Coach Grubb asking if someone had found a wallet. After answering a few questions concerning the ID and contents, the wallet and money was retuned. – Dale Chimento
I would like to give a shout out to Claire Canulette who consistently demonstrates her Tiger Pride every time she writes a newspaper article.  She  represents the very best of our school, and she IS the quintessential Slidell High Tiger!—Mrs. Manetta
I would like to thank Claire Thomas for always helping me with technology.  Without her guidance  it would take me forever to do SLT’s, PGP’s and all those other things.  She is a wonderful teacher and friend.
I would like to thank Kayla Gallagher.  She has gone above and beyond to help me with a project.  One of my students is in the hospital and I had the great idea to make a candy card for him, not realizing how much time was required.  Kayla helped me write the letter, put it together, and even went out of her way to look for 2 of the candy bars I couldn’t find.  She is an amazing student and person. – Jennifer Navarro
I would like to thank Mrs. Braud, Mrs. Kirk, and Mrs. Boos for helping to cover my classes so I could take care of a pressing medical issue. Thanks for the support, ladies! – Aimee Andersen
I would like to thank all of the wonderful teachers who helped administer the September ACT.  It takes a village and I appreciate you all. J - Jen Milligan
Christian Whitfield-Williams and Larry Alexander are in Coach Slayton’s 6th hour PE.  It is so refreshing to go into this class and watch these boys help and teach all in the class.  Keep up the good work and way to represent Slidell High School! – Trece Jordan-Larsen
Adewumi Ariwajoye took the time to help custodians pick up trays that were left behind at lunch.  – Trece Jordan-Larsen
Mr. Noveh’s class just came to my office with a card that said thank you for your service ( I am a veteran), signed by all the students in his class, and a batch of cookies baked by one of his students! I was incredibly surprised and very humbled by this experience, once you leave the military you seem to kind of disappear from that world even though your heart stays there forever. It was very sweet and I am grateful for the experience. – Timmi Laggner
Derrilyn Craft is AMAZING! She is a senior who is an extremely talented artist. She volunteered her own time to design and create the PBIS flyers and posters. This took hours of her own time. Our students are the best!!! If you want pics of them I can get them to you! – Lynda Palao
Trevon Stacker has been such a leader in my class. He has consistently stayed on task and makes sure if a student doesn’t understand a concept to help them out. Trevon is also a freshmen football player and his leadership inspires both his fellow team-mates as well as his classmates! – Melody Boeck
Derrilyn Craft created the flyers and posters for the PBIS Homecoming Raffle.  A huge thanks goes out to her and Mrs. Palao for their time and effort.  Also, the Broadcasting Team did a fabulous job in creating an entertaining morning announcement segment advertising the raffle.  Thank you to all of the people who pooled their resources to make this happen!  - The PBIS Committee
Ms. Boos and I were in the hall talking between classes about shopping at T.J.Maxx.  A boy whom I did not know pulled a $25 card out of his walled for T.J. Maxx and handed it to me.  I of course declined to take it, but he insisted and walked away.  Ms. Boos told me his name is Jordan Goines.  Who does that?  I didn’t even know him!  She said he is always doing kind things like this. – Jeralyn Spiehler
The freshmen students have been buzzing about the fun experiments in Mr. Grant's class.  They are really enjoying science because of him! – Jessica Jackson
A great bit GRACIAS to Jordan Smith.  He found one of my missing textbooks and returned it to me! - J Navarro

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23 September 2016
Our community is simply amazing.  I know that Friday the 16th's game is going to be a big hit!  Our alumni have such a strong presence and they always rise to the occasion. A big shout out goes to all of the alumni and non-alumni community members who have helped get the word out about tonight's game and the school's Alumni Association.  Way to represent "The" High School! – Jessica Jackson
A student named Melanie was walking down the small 4th hall, rushing to her next class. Another student was putting things into his locker. He dropped a cup trying to hurry and Melanie stopped and picked up the cup for the other student. I love to see random acts of kindness! – Melody Boeck
I want to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Mrs. Jennifer Milligan.  She not only gave a great presentation to the 23 Teaching Academy Interns on Classroom Management, but she also brought a spirit of enthusiasm and passion for the teaching profession that was contagious and inspiring to these future educators and to me. - Mrs. Donna Manetta
Congratulations to our Slidell Tiger Swimmers for their second consecutive 2nd place meet finish.
Your Tigers stood toe-to-toe against 13 tough south Louisiana teams and came out with another OUTSTANDING team performance! – Jimmie Jones
Carson Canulette stopped to help someone push their car in the parking lot! It was nice to see a student go out of their way to help someone out! – Erin Brockhaus
Ashlyn Epperson, a second period student, helped several students that were struggling with a concept. She not only gave a couple of students directions, but she also helped them understand the concept. She is also always ensuring that the stations are tidied up as well! She’s definitely a star student! – Melody Boeck

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16 September 2016
Congratulations to our Tiger Swimmers for their OUTSTANDING showing at the SSA Invitational Monday evening in Mandeville.  SSA won the girls overall competition, St Pauls won the boys overall competition...but your SHS Aqua Athletes came in 1st place from those schools that have both a boys & girls team! – Coach Jones
Jessica Jackson has gone above and beyond to help with co-writing the EOC and ACT award systems. Thank you for your hard work! – Trece Jordan-Larsen
Congrats to Logan Ward who is the only SHS student to be a 2017 National Merit Semifinalist. He is a great kid! – Lynda Palao
Michael Sayavong paid it forward this morning by donating $5.00 to pay for five student’s temporary I.D.’s! What a great example – Sherry Black
Malachi Herod located a lost copy of The Scarlett Letter and a phone for another student and returned it without taking any credit for his actions.  RACs at SHS! – Aimee Andersen
Mr. Brisco volunteered to help Mr. Peterson, Mrs. Bass, and Mrs. Hunt with their promethean problems. He is always happy to help!  Thanks for being a great teacher of the year!!!!! –Trece Jordan-Larsen
I cannot brag enough on the business department, but in specific Lynda Palao and Stacy Arcement. As a new teacher they have gone above and beyond to always ensure I have the tools that I need to do my job properly. I am so happy to be teaching my first real year at Slidell High with this support. – Melody Boeck
Alyssa Cox placed 2nd in the STATE OF LOUISIANA in Word 2013.  Congratulations, Alyssa!!!! – Judy Williams
I left last Friday afternoon feeling defeated  after having my cell phone taken, which included three years of pictures of my kids and memories that I did not back up. However, a 9th grade student, William Brockhoff, went to student service and asked if my cellphone had been returned. When he was told that it wasn’t, he was insistent that he wanted to give a dollar of his own money to help me purchase a new one. My heart is full again and I am renewed with the sense that good will always trump poor choices in this world. If you see this student, please acknowledge his kindness. – Shannon Klapatch-Francis

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2 September 2016
Adam Birmingham , the Senior class vice-president asked me to send an email to the English teachers asking them to poll their students about taking a bus to the AWAY football games.  When I asked him did he mean just the Senior English teachers, he said "No, I mean all the English teachers.  Most Seniors drive and can provide their own transportation; we need to know about others who may need transportation, too."  I so LOVED his Tiger Spirit! - Donna Manetta
Kyle Ruegg--one of our Senior football players saw a student take another student's water bottle. He went to the student and made him return it. Good job Kyle! -  Lynda Palao
Can I give a shout-out to Coach Sorrells--he always says good morning and asks how I am doing, and he is just so positive and bright that it always makes my day start out positive! - Erin Brockhaus
Jack Griggs placed 3rd in the STATE OF LOUISIANA in the Excel 2013. Congrats to Jack J! - Lynda Palao
MELANIE ST. CYR and JOHN GIRAUD star in a cast of fantastic creatures directed by SCOTT SAUBER this weekend at Slidell Little Theatre.
SHReK the MUSICAL runs Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through September 18th.  We have been pouring our hearts into this project which includes teachers from other schools (including Assistant Principal JOSH ST. CYR) and 70 other misfits and fairy tale characters sure to thrill.
Come check us out, right here in your own neighborhood and see two of the finest music teachers and performers in our community practice what they preach and teach alongside our very own students and neighbors. for tickets and information.
The shows start at 8pm, and while appropriate for the whole family, our curtain comes down at about 10:30 each night.
See you in the swamps of Duloc,
Scott Sauber
-the fearless leader!
At a recent leadership meeting,  we were discussing our school test scores and how we might target different groups of students to improve their scores when Quay Brisco  said, "I am looking for the wave that will lift ALL my boats. “ That my colleagues is one of the reasons he is teacher of the year!” - Donna Manetta
Slidell High students donated $3,529 for flood victims, $85 worth of gift cards, and collected hundreds of beautiful school supplies (including folders, markers, notebooks and BRAND NEW BOOK BAGS FILLED WITH SUPPLIES!!!!) for the teachers and children all around our state affected by this disaster.
I am absolutely floored by the generosity of our students, their families, and our faculty. What an amazing contribution that we should all be proud of. – Erin Hughes
Attached is a photo of some of Mr. Noveh’s class with officer Colemen after presenting Officer Colemen with a card and cookies in appreciation for his service to Slidell High and the community. – Darrell Noveh
Just wanted to pass on some pictures I got today from "our" school in Jinja,Uganda.  If you don't remember we raised money last year to buy new uniforms, socks, and shoes for the kids who needed them. I'm attaching pictures of the students in their new uniforms! I just really want to thank everyone that has taken a pie, or help organized, or donated money over the last 4 years as it truly makes a difference in the lives of students a world a way from us. - Benjamin Strohl
With the rush of the new year, we can often get caught up in personal goals. I find it truly incredible how the entire SHS family from the students, faculty, staff, PTA, and administration made sure to extend a helping hand for our community who suffered from the flood. It was really awesome how Beta Club and their sponsors stepped up to organize and facilitate the donations. What a great service to our community and awesome lesson for all. - anonymous

Huge thank you to Mrs. Brockhaus and Mrs. Luque for all their help in coordinating Mark Events and student leadership on campus. Love how they are going the extra mile to help sponsors and foster not just class unity, but whole school solidarity! - anonymous
Thank you to the class sponsors for really going above and beyond to communicate with their class tiger families. It's really great to see how the students are coming together with t-shirt designs and working towards communicating to the student body. Being a class sponsor is a great way to connect with more kids and it is clear y'all are working towards a positive influence for our students! - anonymous
Thanks to each of you for your efforts - it doesn't happen without your leadership.

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