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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

Humble Brags!

Humble Brags! is SHS's newest forum for good news.
Please send your humble brags to

Faculty & Staff: The Publicity Committee wants to know if a student has made your day, if a student has accomplished something or done something great, if a team member was encouraging, or if you have a personal success. It is not about just surviving the week, it is also about supporting each other and enjoying what we do.
Students: There is a box by the door to room 420 with index cards. Please use these cards to brag on a kind deed, a personal accomplishment, a teacher, or a friend by leaving a note on an index card and leaving it in the box. We want the students to participate by sharing their accomplishments and views.
Thank you for participating and bring on those Humble Brags!!

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Here are the Humble Brags that we have received:


Mrs. Bostick organizes everything from our professional decompressions to meals and prayers for our Slidell High School Family.  Thank you.  Mr. Percy

Thanks to the cafeteria folks for putting on an extra special lunch week – celebrating National School Lunch week.  They had contests and games and some good food for our students all week.
Extra thanks ladies and men of Slidell High Café!  Dr. Burgoyne

I would like to thank all of the teachers working hard to provide opportunities for their students to develop literacy skills while still tackling their subject area’s content.  When the going gets tough the tough get going!  Mr. Brisco

Mrs. Leon keeps a smile on her face no matter what happens. Keep up the good work pushing our students to do their online assignments.  Mrs. Larsen

I want to brag on my “neighbor” Greg Varnado. He is always so encouraging and supportive and makes me feel better when it is a crazy, hectic day. I am so thankful for his positive influence on 3rd hall! ~ Lynda Palao

Thank you the Broadcasting team for a wonderful broadcast! All the hard work was really appreciated. – Anonymous

I am reminded daily why I am glad to be part of the Slidell High School faculty. Dr. B always has a kind word to say, the business department helps me with Lesson Plans and guidance on the curriculum (I don’t know where I’d be without them), fellow teachers and coaches help out when addressing student issues, Coach Daniels really helped with my 7th hour students, and the 4th hall lunch bunch gives me something to laugh about to keep me upbeat. I am also enjoying the new take on the video announcements, Mrs. Trece’s Tiger Talk calendar, and Mr. Percy’s quote of the day! – Mrs. Boeck

Having the Tiger Talk calendar each week with 3 weeks to plan has been such a huge help! Thank you! - Anonymous

I went to one of the best committee meetings I’ve ever attended; the meeting was full of positivity and true collaboration!  Way to go Publicity Committee! – Anonymous

Thank you to all the 1st hour teachers for taking the “THE” High School orders so we can spread our “walking spirit” around campus and the Slidell community. – Mrs. Rotolo

Mrs. Boos lent me her dry erase boards when I needed some at the last minute, and Dr. Schneider helped me find a new student a desk (she walked around the halls while I had students retaking a test!) Mrs. Siebenkittel saves my life almost daily, and Mrs. Brindell and Mrs. Rotolo helped me get some boxes that I need.  I owe my first born to Mr. Elmo for helping me with mark events at the last minute.  Mrs. Palao helps get things done daily and can be my therapist sometimes, and I also appreciate Dr. B helping me “hype” the mark events!  Mrs. Tarleton is SOOOOO helpful with Interact, and Mrs. Fortner does SUCH a good job helping me with my gifted students and IEPS.  In short—you guys are all awesome! - Erin Brockhaus

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Mrs. Palao, Mrs. Tarkington, Mrs. Arcement, Mrs. Williams, Mrs. Duffaut, Mrs. Cheatham, Mrs. Paille and Mrs. Boeck are doing an outstanding job organizing the Tiger Stripes Program. The shirts and bumper stickers look great!!!!  Mrs. Larsen

Thank you Mrs. Contrina Thomas for organizing and facilitating the ACT last Saturday.  Everything ran smoothly! Mrs. Larsen

Thank you to all of the Sophomore and Junior math and English teachers who are taking time out of their schedules to go to the lab and take the ACT practice test.  Mr. Brisco

Thank you to all of the PE Coaches who make adjustments to their lessons when the gym has to be used for an activity.  Mr. Grubb

The Words with Tigers Mark Event was a great success.  Thank you to all of our teachers and staff that made the event possible and memorable.  Special thanks to Erin Brockhaus who was our MC.  Mr. Percy

Thank goodness for Erin Brockhaus!  Geography was never this interesting when I took it…thank you for all of your help!  - Sandy Marshall

I have a HUGE thank you for Mr. Donald Cousin for getting the lights fixed in my classroom!  We finally don’t have a strobe light on and off all day!!! – Whitney Brindell

I had a really tough summer with my dad passing away, but I was really touched by how many of my coworkers were there for me.  That really meant the world.  Last year was also really rough, but so many of you here at Slidell High were there for me whenever you even noticed I was looking a little off.  I don’t even have words to express my gratitude and love for you for making this rough time a little easier for me.  – Erin Brockhaus

I saw a student, Arrington Kristoffer, picking up trash after the 1st bell one day in the first courtyard as other students were going to class. Tell him thanks. – David Locker

Thanks to Mr. Brisco for getting me that fine cart!
Thanks to all my teachers who share their rooms with me and my mess.  I love and appreciate you so much for it. 
And Thanks to Mrs. Marshall who took my duty for a meeting and Mrs. Mylie and Mrs. Carbo who offered to take it too.  That makes me really feel like a part of the family.  Thanks guys!  Sometimes you need to feel like you fit in. – Sylvia Hooks

Hats off to the custodial staff for such a great job over the summer.
Great job. - E. Stucke

Thank you to Danny Arcement for taking my duty Tuesday morning—just walked up and saw I was in need of extra time that morning.  THANK YOU!  -Julie Rotolo

I would like to thank the Biology teachers for all of the great collaboration we have been working on.  You guys are great!!! – Aimee Andersen

Thank you Mrs. Luque for the organization sheet with club information. — The Saga Staff (yearbook)

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I am impressed by this young lady. Zaquoiya Bolden wanted to go to a STEM class that was offered by Delgado. She did her research. She made her announcement at church. A lady wrote her a check. Another person offered to let her stay at their house. Another person who worked for RTA made sure she got back and forth to Delgado. It is amazing to see the initiative and drive she showed. – Lance Grant

Already Mrs. Miller covered my 3rd hour so I could run over to my kids’ preschool and meet with the teachers.  It was so nice of her to help me out. – Valerie Scogin

Huge thank you to Mr. Sauber, Mrs. St. Cyr, Mrs. Boos, and  Mrs. Luque for making the first day decorations—AMAZING; this was a fresh way to start a NEW, in every sense of the word, year. – Mrs. Rotolo

Thank you to the PTA for the delicious coffee the morning of our SECOND day of school! What a perky and sweet surprise! – anonymous

Thank you to the ladies in the office for compiling all our packets and our new, handy SHS bags! – anonymous

The yearbook staff would like to thank all the TIGER FAMILIES for helping get yearbooks to students the first days of school.

What an exciting new year!  Thanks to Shay Bostick for her pedagogical decompression song!  – anonymous

Thanks to Chef for FUTURE TAILGATES! – anonymous

Thanks to ALL of Hospitality for the activities planned this year—family pool party, too! – anonymous

My Tiger Family is amazing! They were all well-behaved, courteous,  and helpful. What a great group of Freshman! - Sheri Sison

I want to give a shout out to Mr. Lynch for all the help he has been these first two days. Awesome job! - Mrs. Stucke

Special thanks to Mrs. Brockhaus, Ms. Jensen, Mrs. Muller, Mr. Varnado, Mr. Drummond, and Mr. Alt for allowing me to float into your room during your planning period. You have all been so welcoming and accommodating, and I truly appreciate your kindness! – Brittany Boos

Mr. Matz helped me get my copies done while I was on duty. That was after he provided me with a copy of our science pre test. My school family is always ready to help! – Lance Grant

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