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“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

Humble Brags!

Humble Brags! is SHS's newest forum for good news.
Please send your humble brags to

Faculty & Staff: The Publicity Committee wants to know if a student has made your day, if a student has accomplished something or done something great, if a team member was encouraging, or if you have a personal success. It is not about just surviving the week, it is also about supporting each other and enjoying what we do.
Students: There is a box by the door to room 420 with index cards. Please use these cards to brag on a kind deed, a personal accomplishment, a teacher, or a friend by leaving a note on an index card and leaving it in the box. We want the students to participate by sharing their accomplishments and views.
Thank you for participating and bring on those Humble Brags!!

Here are the Humble Brags that we have received:


Thank you Mrs. Wiebelt for volunteering your time to help, for checking on me, and for getting me into an earlier MRI appointment. - Trece Jordan-Larsen

Thanks to Sylvia Hooks for giving me the computer lab that I accidentally double-booked! - Meredith M. Jansen

My heart is so full from the emotional and physical support I received today (and many other days) from many of our wonderful faculty members. Special shout out to Coach Green, Mrs. Muller, and Mrs. Rotolo for rushing to my aid to get my classes covered because my son’s doctor appointment ran longer than anticipated. Also a special “thank you” to all that inquired about him. It truly is an incredible feeling to have that support from my work family. Every day is a great day to be a tiger, baby! - Brittany Boos

I want to thank Erin B., Rebecca M., Whitney B. for making our 3rd hour meetings enjoyable! - Sandra Marshall

Eric Schwefel from Schwefel Strength and Performance took time out of his busy schedule to come and talk to two of my classes about living with a passion, a purpose and his entrepreneurship experience. He hand made each one of my students a “my intent” bracelet. They are proudly wearing them around with encouraging words! He truly made a positive impact on my students. - Samantha Fontenot 

Thank you to the PTA for providing a delicious breakfast to the staff at Slidell High. I know that it was appreciated by all! - Melody Boeck

Danilo Rodriguez (12th gr) goes out of his way to greet me EVERY time he enters the classroom.  Even if I'm with someone when he comes in, he'll wait until I'm finished and then walk across the room to tell me, "Good morning."  He did it last year, too, and I think it's so sweet of him to make such an effort to be kind every day.  I look forward to it now!  😊 -- Karen Evans

A big thank you to Christy Wiebelt for allowing  my students and me to use her room almost on a daily basis.  Also thank you to C.J. Roberts for lending me her coat while I was on duty freezing. -- Elise Hernandez

I would like to thank Mr. Lebo for helping the engineering class complete their Mardi Gras float build. I would also like to thank Ms. Turlich for getting our wheels for the float printed. I love how our teachers collaborate to get things done for our students. Go Tigers! -- Lance Grant

Thank you Mrs. Muller for saving my sanity via coffee! Shout out to Kiera Voisey for giving me a “Pep Talk” and making a rough day a little brighter! -- Kristen Tarleton

Thank you to the business department for collaborating with me while teaching a new subject, goodness knows I have needed the help. A special thanks to Coach Mark Ferrer, Coach Sammie Fontenot, and BB Garrett, for making the guest speaker days enjoyable (lots of laughs and motivation for sure!!). I am fortunate to work with this great group. A lot of work goes in to scheduling and arranging a guest speaker and I am thankful for their work and collaboration!! -- Melody Boeck

A BIG shout out to the Foreign Language Club students who came and CLEANED students desk in the OLD five hundred wing, as a community service -- Senior Zavalza

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Ms. Braud and Ms. Cheatham did an AMAZING job on the Hall of Fame Tiger Stripe bulletin board. Thank you!!! Lynda Palao

I want to thank Eunice for all the  caring, patience and  hard work that she does everyday making sure we have subs when needed on short notice – Sandy Marshall

Thanks to Mrs. Maracich for watching my 2nd hour when I needed to attend a memorial service!
Thanks to Mr, Varnado for some paper when I ran out last week!!! Erin Brockhaus

A very special Thank You to Coach Matt Franszczak for his outstanding work this year with the Cross Country team. Thanks so much! – Coach Royce Stewart

Another thank you goes to Mrs. Macaluso--she saw that we were about to tackle a big research project, and she came and taught my government classes how to use the library's online databases.  She didn't just show them how to access it, but she also showed them useful tips and tricks AND printed them a handout so they could access the database at home. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! Erin Brockhaus

I would like to thank Mr. Elmo for always going above and beyond.  He not only found some staples for my staple gun but loaded it for me also.  Thank you! – Jen Navarro

Thank you to ALL of the business department ladies. We have had a lot of changes this year, but it has helped to work together. Thank you especially to Stacy for all of your time spent in planning, Judy and Melva for planning, Lynda for guiding me through this new subject, and Christy for your help with navigating testing. I really am blessed to work with this group and I am so fortunate that I am at Slidell High School. – Melody Boeck

Congratulations to Mr. Lebo and Mr. King for a wonderful cook-off. The food, weather, and raffle was awesome!  Looking forward to the next one. – Anonymous

Thank you Mrs. Macaluso for all that you do! The library is a welcoming place and you are always willing to help! – Anonymous

Congrats to Alex Traina and Karmyn King who were both selected for the All-District Choir!  Congrats to Billi Barber who was selected for the All-State choir for the 2nd time!! 
These auditions are very competitive.  Give these kiddos your congrats when you see them.  It is good to be a Slidell Tiger! – Melanie St. Cyr

Special thanks to Chef Aucoin for always going out if his way to help all of us with food projects, storing FCA’s donated food for Friday morning’s breakfast, and for generously making apron’s for the FCA cooks .  What a blessing he has been to SHS!
Awesome job to Mrs. Marks and the broadcasting team. My students thoroughly enjoy watching the daily announcements.
I cannot express the level of joy I have working with such loving and kind people. Being part of such a wonderful school makes all the struggles of teaching worth it.  I have not met 1 person here who is not willing to help someone out, share ideas, or simply listen. When you think people are not listening and watching, know that they are. You guys are THE best! Kasey Wahl

I want to give a shout out to Mr. Sauber, Mrs. St. Cyr, and all of the faculty who made the “Little Mermaid” successful!  When adolescents are given such a great opportunity for self-esteem building, it is amazing to watch.  My students were so excited about the play, asked everyday if I was going, and smiled from ear to ear while performing!  It was priceless to see <3 Mandy Mitchell

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I attended the game Friday night and wanted to give a shoutout to a couple guys from the school but couldn’t find where to do that on the website.  Since I live in the New Orleans area  and not being familiar with the school campus and running late, I failed to really note where I parked or which entrance I went in.  You can guess what happened after the game.

After wandering around for a while, a chance meeting with the game announcer (we had time to get a bit acquainted with each other!) and his getting the school patrolman involved, were both very helpful in locating my car after the game, I just wanted to somehow express my gratitude for their help.  I did not get their names so please somehow let them know I really appreciated their patience and assistance in getting me to my car eventually.

It is so refreshing to know there are still such good people that really go out of their way in today’s world to take the time to help a stranger.

Thanks so very much for any help you can give in reaching out to these two guys and giving them the kudos they deserve.

Selina Sharp
Jefferson, LA

Shout out to Miller and Muller for helping me with Algebra 1 this year. They are amazing! Katie Mayfield

Thank you Mrs. Blondeau and Ms. Jordan for helping me rearrange my classroom for two hours after school! Y’all are awesome!
Thank you Mrs. Tarleton for answering all of my questions and giving me constant reassurance.
The 9th grade Vice President, Brieana Holdsworth did an awesome job with the Freshman Homecoming decorations! – A. Gibson

I want to thank Ms. Jordan for filling in for me at the Homecoming Dance! I couldn’t be there to check in freshmen because I was at a funeral and she stepped in to help! Brittany Bankston

Thank you to Mrs. Macaluso, who is always so incredibly helpful on various needs, scheduling labs and speakers, acquiring needed technology and texts, even offering to class sit in emergencies. Image result for heart
One of my students, Jillian Laigast, is always so willing to help out in class with daily tasks (passing out papers, setting up class materials, etc..) and it is regularly appreciated and she deserves recognition J - Laura MCcarron

Collin Aupied placed second in the state for the Louisiana All-State Honor Band!!
Matthew Perronne also made the Louisiana All-State Honor Jazz Band.  
These students have been selected as some of the best high school musicians in the state!! – Fred Wild
My Humble brag goes to Mr. Frerer and Mrs. Lotts classes for doing an awesome job on the Tiger Head. Our field looked incredible!! – Coach Herdliska

Big shout out to Ms. Sison, Mr.  Osborn, Mrs. McGrew, Mr. Branton, Mrs. Duffaut, Mrs. Palao, Ms. Gibson, and Ms. Bankston to all their hard work in leading their classes during Homecoming week!  All the classes did an amazing job! – H. Songy

Madam Palao, the great, did a wonderful job editing and creating the flyers and registration forms for the "Tiger Challenge" that is coming up in two weeks!  Thank You! – Hunter King

Shout out to everyone who had a part in making the homecoming pep rally so great!!!  I think everyone had a great time.  That day was an especially great day to be a tiger!! – Melanie St. Cyr

I would like to give a big thanks to GUY and TRECE for all of their efforts in getting our technology working for the Advanced Career classes. We are doing our online certifications and Guy has been fantastic in setting up, troubleshooting, and making himself available for any issues that arise. Trece has been invaluable in getting us the resources we need, stepping in to help at a moment’s notice, and especially in communications with central office as needed with the program. Without the two of them, we could not be successful in helping our students achieve these certifications. THANKS!!! Mark Ferrer

Thank you Chef Aucoin and the ProStart II students.  They did an awesome job representing Slidell High at the National Federation of Urban and Suburban School Districts luncheon Monday.  The gumbo was delicious and the service was impeccable.
Congratulations Mr. King and Mr. Lebo for winning first place at the parish fair for their Ag booth! – Christy Wiebelt

Thank you Mrs. Arcement for all of the hard work you are doing with the 504 students. It’s a lot of paperwork and parent meetings to ensure the students are receiving the accommodations they need!
Thank you Mrs. Fowler and Mrs. Chambliss for a wonderful college fair!  The students and colleges really appreciated it.  One college said this was the best fair she had been to all year!  Way to go. – Christy Wiebelt

Carlos Santos III turned a wallet over to me (that he found on the floor), cash and all still in it. So nice to see humanity at its best. – L McCarron

The gardens look amazing and the library is certainly spooky…… Love my work environment.J – L  McCarron

Mrs. Marshall does a fabulous job as our leader for Government!!!  We love and appreciate you!!! – Anonymous

Mr. Venturella needs a mention for being such a caring individual who always puts other's ahead of his own needs. – C. Guthrie

I want to thank couch Favre for brightening my day every morning by saying "What a great day to be a Tiger baby!" – D Turlich

 Coach Branton organized a Fun Run for the Lions Club to benefit their summer camp. It hosts children with special needs. They raised about 2 thousand dollars. What a way to give back to the community! – L Grant 

Thank you to Mr. Kranz and Mrs. Brockhaus for watching my students for me—y’all are the best! And thank you to everyone who offered!
Thank you to Mrs. Blondeau for getting my students some awesome bookmarks!
Thank you to Mrs. Gibson for bringing me my favorite coffee!
I love our Slidell High family, and I’m so grateful to be surrounded by so many kind, thoughtful people! – K Tarleton

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August-September 2018

Nicole Blondeau has been such a wonderful help to me concerning the Chromebook program.  A big thank you to her!
Also, I owe Trece’ and Sandy Swartz a big thank you too for helping to get my Classroom up and running! – Sandy Marshall

Jeremiah Arrington, a student of mine, brought in his own cleaning supplies to clean the fan in my room because of my allergies. – Sheri Sison

I wanted to thank Lynda Palao for all of her help with customer service curriculum. Also, I want to thank Stacy Arcement, Judy Williams, and Melva Lee for meeting weekly to work on curriculum and lesson plans. I am so thankful for these ladies!! Also, I want to give a shout out to a few students: Jeremiah Arrington for always helping to straighten the computer lab, Gabriel Harger for helping his peers when they do not understand a concept, Josie Walls for being such a positive person, and Jessica Delee for her random acts of kindness. I am truly blessed to be at Slidell High School!!! – Melody Boeck

I am so thankful to be able to collaborate with Kasey Wahl this year; she works so hard for her students that it keeps me motivated even when I am feeling overwhelmed! – Anonymous

Thanks to Mrs. Marshall and Mr. Mcintyre for the enthusiastic presentation at the faculty meeting after teaching all day. Thanks to Mr. Percy for appreciating and leading the faculty.
Thanks to Mrs. Boeck for the inspirational Winnie the Pooh picture and quote. – Greg Varnado

Shout out to Quay Brisco for having my back over and over again. – Meredith Jansen

A big thanks to George Herdliska and Larry Favre! The emphasis on ID’s and getting to class on time has been VERY noticeable and that discipline has carried over to my classroom. Thanks for making my job easier…Geaux Tigers! – Coach Ferrer

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Gracias to Mrs. Navarro and husband Julio for being such gracious hosts at the back to school party.  A fun time was had by all! – Shay Bostick

I love our school family! – Lance Grant

My student Chyna Wiley volunteered to sit with a  student that was new  to my class and needed a lot extra help on getting caught up. She was so kind and encouraging to her as she walked her through the steps of the drawing assignments we had done so I could tend to other students that needed me. It is refreshing to see acts of kindness and service from student to student. – Kenzie Monroe

Always when there are big changes in this school it is an adjustment for us all and this year is no exception. However, I have to say the changes this year have been smooth and everyone up here is doing a great job keeping up with things! So from me I want to thank Coach Herdliska- both of them, Mrs. Larsen, Mr. Brisco, Dr. Burgoyne, Coach Farve, the Guidance office, Mr. Percy, and all the amazing secretaries for a great start! – Timi Laggner

I want to give a shout out to Melody Boeck for spearheading the Humble Brags here at SHS. It’s a big morale boost to read what great things our co-workers are doing around school. Thanks Melody for making our school a better place to work! – Mark Ferrer

I was walking down the hall, and I saw Mr. Percy stop and take time to help two students who couldn't figure out how to work their lockers.  He was with them for about five minutes, and I thought that was awesome that he is so busy but still went out of his way to help them. – Anonymous

I have to give a shout out for the super 9th St. Paras!!!! They have worked very hard these first few weeks!!!  Almost hate to leave-----nah, just kidding. Thanks to Coach Daniels for helping with the computer things I don’t know how to do! Thanks to Charlie Venturella. He is an amazing miracle worker! – Eileen Stucke, M.Ed+30 and very soon to be retired!

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