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"When you do nothing, you feel overwhelmed and powerless. But when you get involved, you feel the sense of hope and accomplishment that comes from knowing you are working to make things better."
Maya Angelou


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First Priority Writing Club
  National Honor Society  


Band- Mr. Fred Wild

Superior Band District VI Awards10/25/16- The band has worked extremely hard this year and they received a superior (highest) rating for drum major and colorguard and an excellent rating for the drum line.  Our overall score (the one that counts) was also a superior and the judges were very complimentary. 






Beta Club- Mrs. Katina DeBerry

Cable SHS- Mrs. Brittany Boos

Cable SHS is responsible for creating the morning announcements that inform the school of all upcoming events and other bits of information. This is a class, and it has certain prerequisite classes that must be taken before permission will be given to take the class. The class is a unique oppurtunityfor high school students to combine academic instruction and partial workexperience in advertising, graphic art, photography, and telecommunication.

Cheerleading- Mrs. Whitney Abadie

Choir- Mrs. St. Cyr

The Slidell High School Choir performs throughout the school year on campus and throughout Slidell as well. The Choir puts on many shows such as the annual Christmas and Spring concerts. Choir students have the chance to showcase their voices not just to their classmates, but to other schools throughout the parish.

First Priority- Ms. Fortner

First Priority is a Christian club devoted to building leaders and reaching out to their community.
There are no requirements to join, and First Priority is student guided. It is an organization where the students connect with other christians and develop their faith. They meet every Monday and Tuesday in room 509 at 8:00. They hold Bible studies, worship times, and invite guest speakers to come and talk to the students. Also, they have give-aways where the students can win prizes. PRAYER AT THE POLE- Every last Wednesday of the month 8:15-8:30am out front by the flag pole.

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Foreign Language Club- Mr. Helio Zavalza

The purpose of Foreign Language Club is to further the interest of foreign language students in foreign cultures, and to gain further knowledge of the languages through participation in foreign language activities. Any student who is presently enrolled in a foreign language is eligible for membership in the club. Just show up! The Foreign Language Club is a great club to join.  They have cooking days where the parents come in and make delicious food. The club may visit different restuarants to experience foods from different nationalities. The Foreign Language Club is big on giving back to the community. Often times they participate in clean up days where they’ll perform community service. It’s fun and full of activities to do.

Future Educators of America- Mrs. Donna Manetta

They meet the first Tuesday of every month. Everyone with an interest in teaching is invited to join.

Interact- Mrs. Erin Brockhaus

By joining Interact you pledge to be dedicated to service beyond self, and to always be aware of opportunities around you to help others. Many times in life we are ungrateful when so many others would love to be in our shoes. You are pledging to be a role model at Slidell High School and to never bully or degrade others, and you should be aware if anyone else is subject to these actions. By being a role model you should show respect and empathy to those around you. They meet every other Wednesday at 8:15 in room 110. Dues are $25.

Leo Club- Mrs. Turlich

Linked Up- Mrs. Angela Luque

Linked up is a christian club that holds meetings every other Tuesday in room 106 from 4:00-4:30. The meetings consist of life lessons and relating them to what the Bible says. Olivia Perry is the founder of the club and Mrs. Luque is the sponsor of the club.

Mu Alpha Theta- Mrs. Karen Evans

Requirements to join:
1.  Members must be enrolled in Algebra II or III, Precalculus, or Calculus A/B.
2.  Members must be recommended by their math teacher(s).
3.  Members must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in their honors/gifted math classes, or 4.0 in regular math classes, and must not have any grade lower than a C (average) for any math class.
4.  Members must have clean discipline records and demonstrate good character, leadership, and work ethic in the classroom.

To remain in good standing, the students must contribute at least 9 service hours per semester, which includes meeting attendance, tutoring, and other club activities.

Time of club meetings: Mu Alpha Theta meets on the second Tuesday of every month at 8:00 AM in room 518. Additionally, they host tutoring for all math courses every Tuesday morning in room 518, from 7:45 until the first bell.

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National Honor Society- Mrs. Claire Thomas

National Honors Society Selection Criteria
Induction into the National Honor Society is held annually in the spring. Students eligible for induction must have spent at least one semester at Slidell High School, and be in their Junior year. To be considered for membership, the student must meet the following criteria:
Student must have a 3.5 GPA with no semester grades of a D or F.
Student must have on his/her record a minimum of 4 honors/gifted academic/AP semester courses per year; five semesters count toward eligibility. All courses count including those taken in summer school and those taken in 8th grade for high school credit. However, proficiency credit is not counted since letter grade is not designated.
A student must have on his/her record active membership in 2 school-based extra-curricular organizations per year - Sophomore and Junior years.
A record of leadership determined by faculty input; this would include leadership in the classroom.
Determined by faculty input.

Robotics- Mrs. Elizabeth Miller

The Robotics team builds robots to compete in competitions.

Saga- Mrs. Julie Rotolo

Saga is responsible for creating the yearbook for the school.

Yearbooks are on sale and can be ordered through:

Swingerettes- Mrs. Mallory Young

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Thespians- Mr. Scott Sauber and Mrs. Melanie St. Cyr

Excellence in high school theatre focusing on acting, technical theater, music , and preformance.

Tiger Teammates- Ms. Carbo, Ms. Dolese, Ms. Stucke, & Mr. Noveh

We have a new club called Tiger Teammates.Students get a chance to work with their peers with disabilities.Students who qualify for special education and students who are enrolled in a diploma bound program are eligible to join Tiger Teammates.

Writing Club- Mrs. Jeralyn Spiehler

“Joining Writing Club was one of the best things I did my Freshman year. It is so much fun, and the students in it are so nice and beyond talented. Some of us are quiet or shy, but once we get into a conversation with one another, it’s like we had already been good friends.
There are a few different things we do in Writing Club: Sometimes we will be given a prompt and write whatever pops in our head about the subject. Other times Ms. Spiehler will pass out poems or excerpts of stories, and we either write what it makes us think of, or sometimes she tells us to continue the story, and then we will read what the rest of it actually was. It’s isn’t ALL work though; most of the time we are having group discussions about various topics.
Writing Club is extremely fun, and if you have a passion for writing, I strongly suggest that you go to room 304 and talk to Mrs. Spiehler about joining because it is a wonderful experience. I hope to see a few new faces next year!”
From Writing Club member M.O.

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