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"The more you read the more things you know. The more that you learn the more places you'll go."

Reading & Supply Lists

Damage Fee
Determined by extent of the damage
Replacement ID Cards
Student Supply Fee, 
per year* 
(Defray cost of duplicating, instructional, calendars, student handbook, etc.)
Student Parking Permit**


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ID CARDS - REQUIRED TO BE WORN on the collar of of the shirt.

All students will receive a temporary ID card at the beginning of school year, this must be worn until photo ID cards are issued. Replacement ID card =$5 Temporary ID sticker may purchased before school in the main hall for $1.00 (prior to first bell- if student has forgotten to wear ID).]

Supply Fees

The following fees have been approved by the St. Tammany Parish School Board. Checks should be made payable to Slidell High School. The student's name must be written in the lower left corner of the check.

Click here for online Payment. 

**Students must register their vehicle in the main office and a $15 parking permit placed on the rear view mirror. Slidell High School will not allow any cars not registered to be parked on the campus this year. Students must park only on SHS campus. They may not park at the businesses around Slidell High School.

Reading Lists:

Reading lists for Honors, Gifted, & AP classes may be found by clicking the links below:

Government | English 1 | English 2 | English 3 | English 4

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Supply Lists

Basic Freshmen Supply List

Click for Printable List

***The following list represents the basic items you will need for each course; individual teachers may have additional supplies for their specific class. ***
***All students are responsible for a $20.00 supply fee which can be paid in Tiger Family or at the SHS website. ***

Algebra 1- 
TI 30 XS Multi view calculator
1.5-inch binder
Loose-leaf paper
Graph paper

1-inch binder
Ruler-metric and U.S measurements.
Loose-leaf paper
Compass and Protractor
Plastic folder with 2 inside pockets and three holes for binder

English I-
1 three-ring binder
3x5 index cards
Loose-leaf paper

Physical Science-
3 ring binder
Graph paper
Loose-leaf paper

World Geography-
3 ring binder
Loose-leaf paper

3 ring binder
Pack of notecards 
Loose-leaf paper
Pens-blue or black

Physical Education- Students will need a plain gray or ash t-shirt and green shorts. T-shirts and shorts can be purchased at SHS for $10 each or purchased outside of school.

 Students will need a ½ to 1-inch binder with 10 sheet protectors.

Customer Service
-Students will need a 1/2”-1” binder with pockets and 10 sheet protectors.

Fine Arts Survey:
Colored pencils and pencil sharpener
Washable markers

Fine Arts Survey (Music)-
Notebook or binder
Composition book, spiral notebook, or a divider 
pens, pencils, and highlighters


Folder with pockets and braids
Sketchbook (8 1/2 x11)
Colored pencils (small pack)
Markers (fine tip, 8-12 pack)
Hand held pencil sharpener
Roll of paper towels 

 Students will need one box of drafting dots.

French 1 or 2

3 ring binder
4 plastic dividers
Loose-leaf paper
4 color pens – blue, black, red and green
Color pencils
Index cards

Students will need a binder, loose-leaf paper and pens/pencils.

Speech I:
3 Ring binder
Dividers (3)
Black/blue pens
Expo markers
Index cards

*All other courses will provide a syllabus with required supplies during the first week of school. Students should come to school with basic supplies the first week: notebook, paper, pen, pencil.

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Reading Lists


Government (Honors) Reading List (click to open)

English I:

Summer Reading Lists: (Click the link below to open the file)

English I On-level, Honors, Gifted, & AP

English I Honors Assignment

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English II:

Summer Reading Lists: (Click the link below to open the file)

English II On-level

English II Gifted 

English II Pre-AP (Honors)

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English III:

Summer Reading Lists: (Click the link below to open the file)

English III

English III (Honors Assignment)

English III AP- Assignment

English III- Introduction to Rhetoric

English IV:

Summer Reading Lists: (Click the link below to open the file)

English IV On-level, Honors, & DE

English IV- Honors & DE Policies

English IV- Honors & DE Assignment


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