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“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Tim Notke


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Head Coach: Clay Harris (
Assistant Coach: Joey Brockoff (
Assistant Coach: George Herdliska (
Assistant Coach: Brett Mcintyre (
Board Members
Chad Samrow (
Jay McManus (
Kurt Bozant (
Dru Burrell (
Stuart Montgomery (
Schedule: Varsity


Girl's Basketball
Asst Coaches: Michelle Anderson, Willie Abram, & Cheyenne Fornea
2016-17 Girl's Basketball Schedule

Boy's Basketball
Head Coach: Dale Chimento
2016-17 Boy's Basketball Schedule

Cross Country

Coaches: Royce Stewart & Dustin Branton
2016-17 Cross Country Schedule

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2017-18 Football Schedule
Coaching Staff
Herdliska, George - Athletic Director, Assistant Football
Favre, Larry - Head Football
Camhout,Jacques - Asst. Football
Hershey, Clark - Asst. Football
McCollum, Brandon - Asst. Football
Wills, Mike - Asst. Football
Marton, Barry - Asst. Football and Freshmen Football
Sorrells, Donnie - Asst. Football and Freshmen Football
Miller, William - Freshmen Football
Miller, Aarron - Freshmen Football

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Coach: Mark Ferrer


Coaches: Larry Favre & Caleb Peterson

2017 Powerlifting Season

Kodi wins the national championship.
Kodi Dangerfield
Stats: 640 lb Squat, 445 lb Bench, 630 lb Deadlift

Invitational Meet: 1st Place and Most Valuable Lifter Award
South Regional Championship: 1st Place and Most Valuable Lifter Award
State Championship: 1st Place
USA Powerlifting High School Nationals: 1st Place

Kodi had a very impressive powerlifting season this year. He was determined to become the 2017 State Champion in his weight class and he never lost focus of that. He never lets anything distract him from what he is trying to accomplish.  Kodi leads by example with his great work ethic and attitude. Kodi is usually the first lifter in the weight room and always the last one to leave. He doesn’t cut corners. Kodi gives it everything that he can on every rep. Kodi has a champions work ethic, a great attitude, and he certainly has a gift. When you put those three things together, one can only be successful in what they do and Kodi proves that. Kodi continued on with his lifting after becoming the state champion to become the 198 lb national champion.  At nationals Kodi had a very impressive win by totaling over 100 lbs more than second place. I have been very blessed to coach a lifter like Kodi, and I won’t ever take that for granted. I know that lifters with his ability won’t show up every year. He is such a humble kid; I don’t think he even realizes how special of a lifter he is. I am so proud of Kodi and what he has accomplished, but above all of that I am proud of the young man that he is. Rather he was a national champion or not, Kodi is already a winner in my book.
-Coach Caleb Peterson

Powerlifting Team

Caroline Bornio
Montel Smith
Jayla Butler
Cade Collier
Marissa Collins
Ben Nyatsunga
Sarah Oliver
Eric Juneau
Jessica Torres
Will Jenson
Raina Woods

Alex Currera
Colby Wilson
Alysia Diaz
Rene Luter
Ayrianna Edwards
Preston McMahon
Sabrina Miller
Cody Dangerfield
Vicki Montoya
Tariq Reimonenq

Rachel Forbes
Gavin Billiot
Alexa Loredo
Kevin Boatner
Gabby Napalotano
Gabe Stapinski
Caroline Meltz
Zachary Acosta
Chaz Burchfield
Ashton Washington


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Boys' Coaches: Michael Alt & Jochen Kranz
Boys' Schedule

Girls' Coaches: T. McNeese & Dustin Branton
Girls' Schedule


Coaches: R. Herdliska & G. Herdliska


Coache: Charlie Brown

Track & Field

Coaches: Jacques Camout & Donnie Sorrells


Coaches: L. Anderson & R. Herdliska
2016-17 Volleyball Schedule

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Sports News

Slidell coach Larry Favre hopes senior class leads Tigers to big things.
By Jim Derry, | The Times-Picayune |August 22, 2016

Slidell Retires Matt Forte’s No. 25

Matt Forte

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