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Nunez Community College : Dual Enrollment Course & Cost Comparison

Your child is enrolled in a course that is eligible for dual enroll credit.  The cost for each 3 credit hour course is $100.00 except the science courses; Biology II, Chemistry II, and Anatomy and Physiology, will be $133.00 because they are 4 hour credits. 
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Allied Health Academy Commercial Arts Academy Engineering Academy
Business and Technology Academy Culinary Arts Academy Teaching Academy

Allied Health Academy


Required Courses:

Health Science I:
A year-long class for students interested in a career in medicine. Sophomores “adopt” a grandparent at the Guest House of Slidell and visit them once a week. Students must purchase scrubs ($29) and wear them to academy events.

Health Science II:
A year-long course and is predominantly for juniors. This required academy class teaches the “language” of medicine. Students can receive college credit through dual-enrollment. Students must complete Health Science I to take this course.

First Responder:
This year-long class is required the junior year for all students wishing to take the EMT Basic Course their senior year. It is highly recommended for all academy students; state certification is given. Students who are outside the Academy may also enroll in this course.

Health Science Internship 
Internship is only offered to seniors who have met the previous coursework requirements and who have been recommended by the previous academy teachers. This is a two-hour course in which seniors have several options. Among these options are: internship at health-care facilities, Certified Nursing Assistant certification, EMT Basic Certification. Since most of these certifications are a semester, the student may intern the other semester. EMT Basic is a year-long course and is offered only to students who have passed “First Responder”.
At graduation, those who have completed the program will wear a colored cord, receive a certificate of completion, and be recognized at the ceremony.
Students who choose Allied Health will be required to buy Slidell High School scrubs, cost of $29 .
Requirements for Allied Health:

10-11th grade 
Health Science I (1 credit)

11th grade 
Health Science II (1 credit)

First Responder - recommended (1 credit)

12th grade 
Health Science Internship (2 credits)

Teacher To Contact: Mrs. Wiebelt- Coordinator

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Business and Technology Academy

Your Future is in the World of Work and Business! 
BUSINESS ACADEMY Required Courses: 

10th grade
Principles of Business: An introduction to the world of business and life skills needed to succeed. (1 credit)

11th grade 
Accounting: The language of money and the path it takes in business. (1 credit)

Principles of Marketing: Marketing activities are found in every type of business ranging from advertising to customer service. National Retail Federation- Customer Service Certification is offered. (1 credit)

OR 2 of the 3 
Bus. Computer Applications: Computer skills used in the business world today. Students may choose to receive IC3 / MOS certification. (.5 credit) 
Multi-media Productions: Students will create slide shows and videos using text, also editing, planning, scripting specific assignments.(1 credit) 
Business Law : An introductory course covering issues of business and personal law. Students will explore important topics on the business law side. (.5 credit)

12th grade 
Business Internship: Seniors are assigned a mentor in the business community who instructs the students in entry level skills, monitors their progress, and evaluates them at the end of each rotation. (2 credits)


10th grade 
Bus. Computer Applications (.5 credit) 

11th grade 
Multi-media Productions (1 credit)

12th grade 
Web design: Concepts of web communication will be explored and studied. (.5 credit)

Business Internship (2 credits)

Your Future In: Management, Travel, Real Estate, Insurance, Marketing, Retail , Finance , Business Owner 
Certifications Offered: Microsoft Word, Excel, Power-Point, National Retail Federation-Customer Service

How do I enroll? Talk to your Guidance Counselor or to one of the following teachers:
Mrs. Missy Fischer, Ms. Stacy Kyle, Ms. C. J. Roberts, Mrs. Judy Williams

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Commercial Arts Academy

Students who join the Commercial Arts Academy can choose from two different career paths: 
Graphic Arts OR Mass Communications (Print and/or Broadcast Media) -Choose a Path: 
GRAPHIC ARTS PATH Courses Requirements

9-10th grade : 
Art I A & B (1 credit)

10-11th grade :
Art II A & B (1 credit)
Multimedia Productions (1 credit )

12th grade 
Art III -recommended (1 credit)
Commercial Arts Internship (2 credits) 

(Track I & II can combine or mix courses)

Print Media - TRACK I 
10th grade 
Multimedia Productions (1 credit)

11th grade 
Journalism I (1 credit)

12th grade
Journalism II (1 credit)
Commercial Arts Internship (2 credits)
Broadcast Media- TRACK II 

10th grade 
Multimedia Productions (1 credit)

10-11th grade 
Adv. Communications (1/2 credit )

12th grade 
Commercial Arts Internship (2 credits)
After completing the required courses, students will intern their senior year for a two hour course. Students are placed in work areas of their career path interest.

Past sites: Slidell Cable Show, Channel 13, Southern Blues Design, Office Depot, Marguerites Bakery, Signs Now, Joy-Bug Jewelry Designer, Slidell Art League for Teens (SALT), Slidell Cultural Affairs, Elementary and Junior High Art Teachers, Smith’s Sportswear, Purple Armadillo, etc.

Career Options: Retail Advertising, Silk Screening Printing, Multi-media, Commercial Art Design, Television Production, Broadcast Journalist, Newspaper Advertising , Photo-Journalist, Layout Designer, Stage Designer, Display Designer, Free Lance Artist, Jewelry Designer
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Engineering Academy

The Engineering Academy provides the motivated student with the opportunity to explore various engineering careers and basic engineering techniques. In addition to the core science and mathematics curriculum, the student will receive instruction in drafting, design, and reporting of project results. The senior year internship includes on-the-site training under the supervision of an engineering mentor.

What do engineers do? 
Engineers apply the principles of science and mathematics to develop economical solutions to technical problems. Their work is the link between scientific discoveries and the commercial applications that meet societal and consumer needs. 
Engineering offers:

  • Challenging job opportunities
  • Excellent career benefits
  • Durable/ tangible products. Service to humankind
  • Prestige and status

OCCUPATIONS: Aerospace Engineer, Air Traffic Controller, Architect, Biomedical Engineer, Chemist, Civil Engineer, Computer Engineer, Construction worker, Draftsmen, Electrical Engineer, Electrician, Geologist, Industrial Engineer, Landscape Architect, Laser Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Researcher 
Course Requirements:

The recommended preparation for Engineering internships include all honors math and science.

Grade 10, 11
Basic Technical Drafting I 
Basic Technical Drafting II

Grades 11, 12
Advanced Technical Drafting

Grade 12 
Physics (H) 
Engineering Internship 
For further information:

  • What engineers do?
  • Additional engineering specialties
  • Career opportunities in engineering
  • The Slidell High School Engineering Academy

Contact: Ms. Debra Turlich, E-mail: dturlich@stpsb.org

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Teaching Academy


How do I enroll? 
Complete and turn in a teaching acadamy application to Mrs. Manetta, Teacher Academy Coordinator.

Who is Eligible? 
Wanting to investigate teaching as a career possibility.
Having an Interest in helping children and working with young people.
Possessing adequate personal and social skills.
Wanting to provide a service to society.
Having the ability to develop the technical skills of teaching.

Careers in education: 
Teacher (K-12)
Substitute Teacher
School Counselor
Special Educator
Early Childhood Educator 

Required Courses: 
10th Grade: Multimedia Productions
This course is designed to create slide shows and videos using text. Computer based programs including Power-Point and Publisher editing software will be taught. Students will be responsible for planning, scripting, and editing specific assignments and producing flyers, brochures and business cards. Students will be working towards MOS certification in Power-Point. (1 credit)

11th Grade: Teaching Academy Courses (STAR)
This year long course investigates the intellectual, physical, emotional, and social stages of child and adolescent development. Included in this class are observations and interaction with learners through planned activities and lessons. (1 credit)

12th Grade: Teaching Internship
During the senior year, the student is assigned to a mentor teacher for two hours each day. Students are not paid for this on-the-job training in area schools. (2 credits)

Other courses important for students interested in The Teaching Academy: Speech, Psychology, 
Sociology, Art, and Music Courses within interest area.


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