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Career and Tech Education Compliance Notice
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Louisiana Office of Student Financial Aid (check TOPS, scholarships, financial aid, etc.)

Dual Enrollment Classes

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Louisiana Department of Education

Certifications @ SHS Louisiana Transfer Degree Louisiana Transfer Matrix for Dual Enrolled Classes
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Summer Reading

2021-22 English III Advanced Placement (Thompson)

2021-22 English I Honors (Tarleton)

2021-22 English II Honors (Berggren)

2021-22 English III Honors (Berggren)

2021-22 English IV Honors (Thompson)

2021-22 English I Gifted (Marcotte)

2021-22 English II Gifted(Marcotte)

2021-22 English III Gifted(Marcotte)

2021-22 English IV Gifted (Marcotte)

2021-22 English IV Dual Enrollment (Marks)

Dual Enrollment Master Course Articulation Guide

Dual Enrollment Transfer Credit Guide

Dual enrollment students can find how their dual enrollment credit will be used at various colleges in links above.

CNA Requirements

Students must have a minimum of 2 courses in the appropriate pathway in order to intern in their area of interest. Students must also have reliable transportation to and from the work site. A mandatory background check is also required.

CNA Letter w/ Background Check Info

If you have any questions, email Mrs. Wiebelt (

EMT Requirements

The following items are required in order to participate in the EMT course:

  1. EMT Prerequisites
  2. Physical Form - can either be a sports physical or one completed by personal physician. If personal physician is being used, please have the attached physical form filled out. Physical must be current (less than one year old) during clinical rotations.
  3. Required Immunizations
  4. Non-skid shoes or boots preferably with ankle support

If you have any questions, email Mrs. Wiebelt (

Achievement Rewards

Tiger Stripes Achievement | SHS Hall of Fame

Louisiana High School Grading Scale

Dual Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Criteria

TOPS Aligned Dual Enrollment SCA Cover Letter

Important DE Info for 2020-21:
What do students have to do to take a dual enrollment class next year?

  1. Must have a 2.5 GPA AND a 19 composite score on ACT AND math=19  and/or English=18 subscore (to take English and history classes)
  2. Get an application for the correct college, TOPS aligned SCA cover letter, and release of information form for each college.
    1. UNO classes are $150.00 and include US History, World History, and Biology II.
    2. Southeastern classes are $225 and include Algebra III, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, and Chemistry II.
  3. Fill out the application completely. MUST INCLUDE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER and have all signatures.
  4. Attach current transcript and ACT or pre-ACT scores, if they have them (we will pull the March scores if students don’t have them at this time).
  5. Turn in signed applications with transcripts and scores paper clipped when student schedules classes in the library.

    **Colleges the courses are taught through are subject to change, as are the fees because they are set by the colleges.**

Southeastern Louisiana University Dual Enrollment:

SELU Release of Information form
SELU DE application

Pre-Calculus (2 semesters), Calculus(1 semester), Algebra III (1 semester), & STAR(1 semester) dual enrollment courses will be offered through Southeastern Louisiana University for $225.00 per class.

On the day of scheduling, Slidell High School Students who are Dual Enrolling with Southeastern need to come to Slidell High to complete registration paperwork.

Students will need to bring the following with them:

1. A completely filled out dual enrollment application (including social security number and parent signature) and signed consent form if they didn't turned it in before March

2. Test scores, if an ACT was taken. Requirements are 19 overall ACT AND 19 in math and 18 in English.

3. Tops Aligned Dual Enrollment form (see web site)

Please email Mrs. Wiebelt at with any questions.

UNO Dual Enrollment:

UNO Application Instructions
UNO Release of Information form

English, US History, World History, & Biology classes are available to be taken. Classes are $150.00 per 3 hour class and all classes are 2 semester classes.

Students must complete the online application for UNO (instructions below) if they have never taken a dual enrolled course through UNO. Once this is completed you will have to go in and actually register for the classes. Students need enroll once they receive the course codes from their teachers and the instructions on how to enroll in the classes.


Students who have previously participated in Dual Enrollment need to submit a Continuation Request Form for Fall 2020. These were emailed to the email address provided when you signed up.

UNO Dual Enrollment Application Instructions

1. Go to - Under “Apply to UNO” click APPLY FOR 2020
2. Click Sign Up and create your account using the email address you use most
3. Check your email for a link to create your password
4. Log in and select START A NEW APPLICATION
5. Under “Undergraduate” select START APPLICATION
6. Select Dual Enrollment for “Student Type”, and Fall 2020 for Term
7. After you have completed everything click on REVIEW APPLICATION
8. If everything looks right, select SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION
9. Do not select a payment method, Dual Enrollment students do not have to pay an application fee to submit an application, just simply click on SUBMIT WAIVER REQUEST

After your application is reviewed, you will receive an email with your UNO student number. Once you are officially admitted to UNO, you will be able to register for classes. You may log in anytime to check your application status.

Students MUST set up their UNO webstar and email accounts once provided with the log in information. Webstar is where you will enroll in the classes you will be taking as well as pay your fees. PLEASE PUT YOUR USER NAME AND PASSWORD IN YOUR PHONE SO YOU DON'T LOSE IT! YOU WILL NEED THIS TO REGISTER EACH SEMESTER AS WELL AS TO HAVE YOUR TRANSCRIPTS SENT TO YOUR COLLEGE.

Northshore Technical Community College Dual Enrollment:

NTCC DE application

NTCC Release of Information Form

Automotive Release of Information Form

CNA Release of Information Form

EMT Release of Information Form

Special Release - Welding

Special Release - Electrical

EMR Release of Information Form

Students must bring the class release forms with the NTCC application and NTCC release as well as the paperwork for CNA and EMT when they schedule the class.

BESE Dual Enrollment Requirements:

All DE students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 and a composite ACT score of 19 (or equivalent).

With an English subscore of at least 18, students may enroll in English, history, sociology, psychology, foreign language, communication, and music appreciation courses.
With a math subscore of at least 19, students may enroll in math, biology, and chemistry courses.

In order to take biology, students must have both the math and English subscores.

Seniors in their second semester must have both the math and English subscores to take ANY dual enrollment course.

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Transcript Requests 

Northshore Technical College transcript request form

Nunez Community College transcript request form  scroll down to bottom right of page and click "Transcript Request".

Unofficial transcript:

Click current students……go to lola……sign in.

Go to the student tab.

Go to the bottom middle section and click Transcript.

Southeastern transcript request


Log on through your moodle DE account.


LA Transfer Degree:

Each university also has a link on their web site explaining how it works at their university

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How do I enroll? 
Complete and turn in a teaching internship application to Mrs. Rotolo, Teacher Academy Coordinator.

Who is Eligible? 
On the TOPS university track.
Wanting to investigate teaching as a career possibility.
Having an Interest in helping children and working with young people.
Possessing adequate personal and social skills.
Wanting to provide a service to society.
Having the ability to develop the technical skills of teaching.

Careers in education: 
Teacher (K-12), Coach, Substitute Teacher, School Counselor, Librarian, Special Educator, Early Childhood Educator 

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